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Supply CNC gantry milling machine with high cost performance
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Large scale automobi

Large scale automobi

Large gantry machini

Large gantry machini

Large gantry machining center with high precision and high rigidity

Machining tool for l

Machining tool for l

Sharp tools for high

Sharp tools for high


FANA CNC machine tool

To provide you with high quality processing effect, improve production capacity, efficient investment

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Four advantages of fana Electronics


Cost effective

The products sell well

FANA CNC machine tool has established cooperative relations with a number of scientific research institutions and universities, and established a team of CNC machine tool experts As the leader of the R & D team, devoted to research and development of CNC machine tool technology.
The core parts of CNC machine tools are composed of CNC system, machine bed, feed screw guide, external protection and spindle All the purchased parts are famous brands in the industry. Ensure the long-term stability of the product Accuracy retention.

Advanced equipment

Traditional technology and testing methods

Farna is equipped with large casting tempering kiln, casting, machining and assembly integrated operation. It integrates the indispensable manual scraping and grinding link of measuring tools in the mechanical industry, and improves the efficiency of all parts of the equipment The relative accuracy, make up for the machining process due to clamping force distortion, tool wear and machining equipment accuracy And the precision error of the parts caused by. In the natural state, greatly improve the accuracy of the equipment.
Autocollimator, ball bar instrument, laser interferometer and other dedicated testing equipment are used in the machine tool installation.
Shenzhen FANA CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd
Shenzhen FANA CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd

Reliable quality

High rigidity, high stability and high precision

From design and development to production, manufacturing, assembly and quality control inspection, the generator has been strictly monitored at each stage, To ensure quality and stability.

Good service

Before and after sales, intimate service

Provide technical support: type selection guidance, design suggestions, operation technology training, etc.
Experienced after-sales service team, 24-hour service, timely solve all kinds of problems for you“ "Demand consultation → design and manufacturing → product testing → transportation and installation → operation guidance → maintenance and repair → after sales tracking" One stop service.
We adhere to the stable and reliable products and thoughtful pre-sale and after-sale service to return to our customers, and strive to be a Chinese A century old enterprise of tool machine brand.
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Quality for survival and development by quality


      Shenzhen FANA CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. specializes in the production, sales and technical services of CNC gantry milling machines, gantry machining centers and other products. The products mainly include CNC machine tools such as super powerful and heavy-duty series gantry machining center machines and high-efficiency series gantry machining center machines. With the characteristics of high rigidity, high stability, high precision, and price advantage, the machine tools are widely used in large mold processing industries such as aviation industry, automobile mold, military industry, petroleum industry, heavy machinery industry, locomotive industry, shipbuilding industry, machine tool industry, etc.

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